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"Pátio das Cantigas", movie
The wine Gravato is named after a battle in which the Anglo-Portuguese troops were victorious against their French adversaries who were forced to leave Portugal. It was the battle of Gravato held on April 3, 1811

Gravato battle

In the twentieth century the Palhete had great prominence because it was a very famous wine in the big cities, including Lisbon and Porto. The actor Vasco Santana refers to this wine in the movie “O Pátio das Cantigas" which after piercing the wall of Evaristo he proclaimed: “It is not a miracle, it’s a palhete!

Our mission is not only to maintain the romance of the wine but also the preservation of the environment. Therefore we are keen on using cork in our bottles, in order to protect the animals of the Montada as well as all others that are linked to viticulture directly or indirectly. It is therefore not unusual to see partridges, foxes and many other animals in the surroundings of the vineyards. Thus we hope that more people can enjoy not only good wine but also the presence of animals and the preservation of the natural habitat of the region.

Old Vines Wine Gravato

The "Gravato Vinhas Velhas" is a ruby-colored wine produced from a blend of white and red grapes. Originating from vines which are over 75 years old, as well as combined with the experience gained in the production of our Palhetes. Grown using soils composed of quartz and granite that gives you the natural freshness, which allows this wine to be consumed chilled. The whole preparation process is based on natural production, soil characteristics, the quality of the grapes, the microclimate, hygiene used during production, the bottling and the techniques used in countries with more advanced viticulture. This allows for a more robust wine with unique qualities, keeping all the characteristics of farm wines without aging using wood.
Gravato Tinto Touriga Nacional

Gravato Tinto is made using a single variety vine, Touriga Nacional, a balance not easily found; its tannins, alcohol and acidity, presents the mouth with a sturdy but elegant taste incorporating the persistent aroma and an almost opaque red color. Made from 25 year old vines and using the experience gained from previous productions, it has been decided that this will always be a GARRAFEIRA wine. A wine that ages extremely well. Once a bottle is opened, it lasts for about a week in good consuming conditions. Ideally to be served by the glass in restaurants or at home.
Gravato Palhete

Until the eighteenth century the wines were made ​​the same way, joint fermentation of white and red grapes. Nowadays there are few who remember the Mêda wine also known as " Palhete of Meda “, but those who do remember recall with nostalgia the famous wine and yearn for an opportunity to go on a journey down the path of the flavours of the past. Younger people, who are not familiar with this type of wine, are thankful for being given the chance to taste such a different wine. When the cork is removed, the wine cellar smell invades our senses and the amazing colour shines in our eyes as if it were a real ruby. This is a fruity aroma wine with notes of red fruits and spices. To the mouth it presents a great balance with a very refreshing acidity, harmoniously combining the light soft tannins and a great aromatical persistence.

The recipe to our Gravato Palhete 2005, 55 % white grapes , 45 % black grapes, brewed together, using 75 years old local grape varieties from between the Alto Douro and Beira Interior region. This wine is made with very little human intervention, it is practically self-made, and in the fields no fertilizers not herbicides are used. All this is obtained by having flocks of sheep grazing in the vineyard throughout the winter.

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