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Branca M. Schepers
The Roboredo family has a long and proud tradition in wine production. Owner of "Quinta dos Barreiros" in Coriscada, Mêda belonging to the Roboredo family for generations. At this location there is evidence that wine has been produced since the Roman Times at “Lugar de Vale do Mouro”, a Roman village discovered in 2003.
br> Gravato is one of five farms which constitutes a larger property, Quinta do Vale de Canelas near Muxagata, Alto Douro, which produces extremely high quality grapes for port wines. Gravato, was also the name of the last battle of the Napoleonic Wars (April 1811) extremely important event to the world of wines, the French discovered within the lands of Beira Interior amazing varieties of vines with unique features and made the division of wines, red and whites. Until the eighteenth century, all the Portuguese wine was palhete.

Duarte Roboredo
The beginning of a tradition
  Luís Albuquerque Roboredo
Knowledge and maintenance
  Luís Schepers Roboredo
Irreverence and inovation...

This family inheritance, which has been parsimoniously renewed, was given to Luis Schepers Roboredo by his father Luis Albuquerque Roboredo 14 years ago. Wanting to continue with the family tradition and already thinking about the future, Luis decided to take a gamble with the brand “Gravato” and revive the famous (Meda) “palhete”. An unpretentious and simplistic wine, rich and poor, which may have been on at the Last Supper table, and deserved great praise from many of our famous writers at the beginning of the twentieth century. The “Father of all wines” citing Luis Schepers himself: We do not care about fads, we are genuine in what we do and like”.

Our generation was born from the union between the Albuquerque family with the Roboredo Sampaio e Melo family. Five generations back were born in the early days of the Portuguese Nationality. For centuries these two families contributed with dignity, knowledge and patriotism towards the existence of this beautiful country called Portugal.

The Farmhouse came about from the marriage of Luis Albuquerque Roboredo to Branca Maria Schepers (Belgium family L’oneaux and the Dutch family Schepers) and this was then given to the couple’s only son; Luis Schepers Roboredo, the current administrator, still belonging to his father after the death of his mother.
Sampaio e Melo Albuquerque
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